Hotel for adults in South Tyrol

An exclusive refuge for delightful moments to share

Also in the new STOA - Elegant & Romantic Guest House, a warm and genuine family welcome is at the forefront. We offer you a quiet place where you can forget about everyday life, free your mind from all thoughts and simply enjoy moments of pure relaxation. Over the years, we have noticed that our hotel, since it does not offer specific services, is not particularly suitable for children. We have made the decision, which we believe is in everyone's interest, to reserve our Guest House Adults Only for people over 14 years of age.


Grandma, always radiant, is the steadfast rock of stability for the whole family.


The friendly host strongly believes in the little things, from which big things are born.


His passion for sports has taught the enterprising manager that it is not always about winning, but about giving it your all.


Our ice skater and aspiring violinist is a real tornado of energy and wins over those around her with her sensitivity, modesty and determined nature.


A skilled footballer and hockey player, with his attentive, casual and happy way of doing things, he already demonstrates he has what it takes to be a great hotelier.


The littlest one of the house, with her strongminded, rebellious and at the same time refined and creative character, shows real for catering.